Wednesday, May 19, 2010

In which a supposed "anti-incumbent bias" is clearly more important than a Puerto Rican general strike.

I am getting so fucking sick of hearing about "anti-incumbent bias" as an explanation for the losses of Blanche Lincoln, Arlen Spector, and Trey Grayson. Not only are all three of these people world-class schmucks who have nothing going for them except their incumbency, but I'm willing to bet that the vast majority of people sitting in Congress at this time next year are exactly the same people who are there now.

The thing is, these fuckheads are so used to the idea that they can win every election no matter what that when their win rate goes below 90%, they take this as a sign of bias against them, rather than a slight decline in the level of bias for them. And the mainstream media just slurps it up.

In other news, while the mainstream media echo chamber has been caught up whining about how the power brokers they've been ponying up to for all these years might not be there anymore, you know what they haven't been talking about? The student strike in Puerto Rico, which has been going on for nearly a month, and which is backed by a general strike of all Puerto Rico's major unions.

Check it out, seriously: a Google News search turns up not one source from the mainstream, non-occupied US media.

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