Monday, March 15, 2010

In which credit is due and credit is given.

In the wake of the recent revelation that the gun used in the Pentagon shooting of March 4, 2009 came originally from the Memphis Police Department -- and that on that very date it became illegal for Tennessee law enforcement agencies to destroy guns that could still be used to kill people -- I figured I'd look into how these things go in Chicago.

It turns out that in both the case of the Don't Kill a Dream, Save a Life gun exchange program, and the case of guns confiscated in criminal investigations, CPD melts the guns down rather than selling them. Not only that, but Daley's involved in lobbying to have all cities destroy guns seized by and/or handed over to police.

Way to go, City of Chicago. You've lowered my expectations so much that I'm actually impressed that you don't participate in what might be the most counterproductive law enforcement practice ever (aside from incarceration, of course).

But quite frankly, I'll believe that you're serious about ending gun violence when you disarm the cops.

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